Mongodb dump and restore

Today I moved the last service from the droplet and it had a mongodb attached. To dump it and restore it in the Raspberry I did the following.

  1. From the mongodb container, this command is for dump: mongodump -d DB_NAME -o today. It creates a folder and inside it there are a bunch of .bjson files.
  2. Compress the folder: tar -cvf today.tar ./today
  3. (the tool I used when moving the postgresql db) said I had no more space available and I used uguu: curl -F files[][email protected]
  4. Copy the file into the Raspberry
  5. Extract the tar: tar -xvf today.tar
  6. Start a new mongodb container with a volume attached.
  7. Copy the folder into the volume attached
  8. Restore the DB: mongorestore --db DB_NAME FOLDER (and I used . as FOLDER)